"H.T.I. has developed the Consular
Affairs System
providing cost effective solutions to consulates issuing Passports and Visas."

Consular Affair

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Consular Affair

Diplomatic Products
  HTI has developed the new Consular Affairs System V2 to meet today's demands. The need to reduce document fraud, to prevent forgery or counterfeits and to streamline automation has never been greater. Retrieving paper applications and travel documents is no longer an acceptable practice as an efficient way of processing Passports or Visas. Consular officials need to make decisions in a speedier fashion without compromising security. The HTI Consular Affairs System V2 is a fully scalable solution that is designed to grow with the needs and budgets of our customers and make use of the latest technologies. Our solutions empower government authorities around the globe to provide travelers with fast, secure, efficient, and friendly service.

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  • Fully ICAO 9303 for MRTD and ISO Compliant Systems
  • Machine readable capabilities
  • Supports biometrics and integration of blacklist checks
  • Holographic foils and micro dot security
  • Specifically designed for automating consulates
  • Security paper for Visa printing
  • Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database based

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